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Zeeco Europe

Zeeco Europe is the European continent headquarters located in Stamford, Rutland, United Kingdom (UK); and includes Zeeco offices in Italy.

Zeeco Europe offers end-to-end combustion and environmental systems for the refinery, production, petrochemical, LNG, power, pharmaceutical, and biogas industries. We design and manufacture onsite in the UK, low-NOx and ultra-low NOx process burners, power burners, and package burners; complete flaring systems including liquid flares, utility flares, offshore flares, ground flares, and flare stacks; thermal oxidisers (or incinerators); and flare gas recovery (FGR) or vapour recovery systems (VRU). Our technologies lower emissions, recapture valuable feedstock, optimise operations, maximise safety, and increase efficiencies. We carry a full line of rental equipment. Ancillary equipment, including burner and combustion management control systems, gas and oil tips, pilots, thermocouples, flare tip replacements, burner spares, oil guns, handheld ignitors, ignition panels FFG/HEI, junction boxes, and more, is available from our immediate stock.

Our worldwide aftermarket parts, service, and engineered solutions team provides around-the-clock support to reduce the amount of time your plant is offline when the unexpected occurs, no matter where or when it happens.

Zeeco Europe operates an ISO-certified 9001-2008 accredited manufacturing facility and research and testing facility that simulates real-world field conditions to ensure your equipment is designed to meet the harshest environmental challenges.


  • Diversified engineering expertise
  • Replacement systems, retrofits, and upgrades
  • ISO-certified manufacturing facility dedicated to on-time delivery
  • Research and test facility
  • Advanced modelling capabilities including CFD modelling, finite element analysis, physical, and 3D modelling
  • Aftermarket parts, service, and engineered solutions
  • Rental flares, thermal oxidisers, and vapour combustors
  • Installation and maintenance services, including difficult access solutions and remote inspection services using drone technology
  • Power burners, process burners, and package burners

Contact Zeeco Europe to learn more about us. We’re ready to discuss your goals and benchmarks to improve your operations.


Vapour Control Service and Maintenance

From preventative Vapour Recovery Unit maintenance to system upgrades and retrofits, Zeeco’s Vapour Control Service and Maintenance Team mission is to help our customers keep their equipment running and operating at peak efficiency. Zeeco Vapour Services also includes preventive maintenance and inspection (PMI), new unit installation and commissioning support, equipment turnarounds, troubleshooting, carbon testing and replacement, emergency services, and 24-hour repair. Zeeco’s experienced Vapour Services team offers a reliable and efficient approach to keep your facility operating as designed while helping you comply with local, national, and international environmental regulations and operating requirements.

Zeeco Vapor Control Maintenance and Services

Vapour Control Services Include:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Emergency Services
  • 24-Hour Repair and Critical Spare Parts
  • Equipment Turnarounds
  • System Upgrades
  • System Retrofits
  • Carbon Testing
  • Carbon Replacements
  • New System Commissioning
  • Unit Relocations
  • New Unit Installation Support
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring
  • Automation System Additions or Changes
  • Engineering Design Evaluations
  • 24-7, Year-Round Monitoring and Support

Contact our vapour control services team today at vapour_serviceZEL@zeeco.com.

Zeeco Europe Aftermarket Parts and Services

When you need the right part, right now—call Zeeco first. From flare tips to pilots and ignition systems, we’re competitive on price and unmatched in experience. In fact, we can efficiently handle your parts and service needs for onsite, installed equipment and can troubleshoot for all combustion equipment – by any OEM. The Zeeco Europe Aftermarket Products and Service team has both the engineering and operations experience to understand the problems you face and the timelines you work under. Local Zeeco experts are always only a phone call or email away.

Parts & Service Hotline

+44 (0)1780 765077 (Office Hours)

+44 (0)1780 461792 (Out of Office Hours)

Or email our service team directly at Service_Europe@Zeeco.com

Localised service capabilities include

Furnace & Heater optimisation
  • Burner retrofits and technology upgrades of all OEM equipment
  • Burner Tuning, including tuning after performing a heater sealing
  • Emission testing & monitoring (TESTO)
  • Furnace & Heater studies
  • Heater sealing to prevent tramp air and optimise efficiency
Pre-turnaround inspections
  • Survey equipment (typically performed 3-12 months prior to a scheduled turnaround)
  • Provide detailed maintenance plan
  • Provide spare parts
Provide inspection and service during turnaround as part of maintenance plan
  • Onsite Supervision during installation of equipment
  • Pre Commissioning & Commissioning of installed equipment
  • Start-up assistance
Ballistic system service
  • Annual calibration of equipment including pressure transmitters and pressure switches.
  • Strip down, inspection and overhaul of O-rings and seals for launch chambers, pumps and valves.
  • Routine carousel tolerance inspection
  • Installation and commissioning
Combustion and Equipment Surveys:
  • Surveys for flares, fired heaters, boilers, incinerators, thermal oxidiser systems, and vapour control equipment
  • An on-site professional survey by our combustion experts and supply of a technical report/maintenance plan
  • Drone Inspection of flares
  • Guy wire inspection, greasing, tensioning and replacement
PLC support for any combustion equipment, including in-house PLC upgrades
  • Process optimisation
Refractory inspection and repair
  • Replacement tiles and installation
  • Tile upgrades
Operator training
  • On site classroom training
  • Field training

Zeeco Europe Combustion Rentals

Zeeco Europe have a fleet of rental equipment to meet customer requirements. With ready-to-deploy rental options ranging from open, elevated flares exceeding 90 metres in height to fully enclosed combustion systems that can handle a heat release of 17MW+, Zeeco Europe rental systems are designed to be both mobile and versatile. Our systems are designed to fit within a standard shipping container for easy movement to any location, to need minimal resources for installation and to use limited utilities for operation. Following a clean installation and application, removal leaves no footprint, ensuring Zeeco meets customer requirements with no operational implications. Whether you need a quick turnaround in an emergency scenario or a temporary equipment solution during routine maintenance, trust Zeeco Europe Combustion Rental equipment.

Common Applications:

  • Emergency replacement for existing equipment
  • Existing flare tip replacement and rental flare package
  • Existing flare maintenance
  • Receiver/launcher blow down
  • Pipeline blow down
  • Tank de-gassing/pressure relieving
  • Remote locations
  • Plant expansion/upgrade

Rental Equipment Available:

  • Guyed and Skid Mounted Open Elevated Flares
  • Skid Mounted Enclosed Flares
  • Skid Mounted Vapour Combustors
  • Skid Mounted Thermal Oxidisers
  • Dock Safety Units
  • Auxiliary equipment – Knock Out Drums (KOD), Pilots, Ignition Panels, Flame Arrestors, etc

24m tall, 24" diameter air-assisted rental flare and main flair tip replacement package.


2.3m diameter by 12m tall enclosed combustion rental system.


Zeeco Mobile Dock Safety Unit

Zeeco Europe Combustion Rental Services